Oral societies have differents ways of transmitting information than literate ones. In a literate society information is transmitted through the written word. In an oral society like Cambodia, information is transmitted through stories and dramas. If the villages of Cambodia are going to receive and process information, it has to be through a medium they understand.

This is primarily the method that CHE uses to teach its health and moral education. Trans World Radio also uses the spoken, rather than the written word. In partnership they are joined together in getting the message out to the villages of Cambodia how good physical, mental and spiritual health are interconnected. This week the second in a series of CHE workshops are being conducted in the shadow of the ruins of Angkor Wat by these partners working through an indigenous organization called RHAC (the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia). Despite its name, RHAC’s focus is inclusive and represents the only health care provider that most village Cambodias will ever use.

The participants in this week’s workshop of the professional elite of this country. Nearly all of them are doctors – women included – who work sacrificially long hours in smaller urban centres with huge responsibilities and little government support. Yet they have come to Siem Reap to learn how to be even more effective at what they do, and especially learn teaching techniques that the workers they are responsible for can carry into the more remote villages that dot this largely rural country.

It has been my privilege this week to teach among them during the Chinese New Year break. Now I must fly back to Malaysia and my regular job that supports Pam’s portion of this valuable work. The two of us are amazed that this is now happening here in Cambodia. A year ago it was just a prayerful dream that these three organizations could work together to bring this about. A year ago they barely knew of the existence of each other. But through Pam’s vision and effort this dream has now become a reality. We praise God for what He has done through us and commit to His care the outcome in furthering His kingdom among the ruins of this ancient country.