If you look to the right on our homepage you will see a link to our son’s blog. He has been blogging for a lot longer than we have, and we owe our interest in blogging to his initiative. This latest post from our son’s blog is just too wonderful to not capture in our own record.

The other day, Ben and I were driving around on some errands, and he started into his ‘God’ line of questioning. The kids frequently ask questions about Jesus and God, and daddy’s grandpa — who died and is with Jesus. These are complex concepts to wrap around a 2 and 4-year old brain. “How are God and Jesus the same person? If God is bigger than our house, how does He live in our heart? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did daddy’s grandpa die too? Is Jesus taller than daddy? How old is Jesus? How fast can he run?”

All of these questions have been asked and answered numerous times, with the best most patient answers we can, doing our best to reduce answers to questions only God Himself really understands to something our kids can comprehend — without being blasphemous in the process!

This time though, some of the answers really seemed to be hitting home with Ben. In his thoughtful little way, he wanted to know if God lived in his heart. I told him that God will come and live in his heart as soon as he asks Him in. He wanted to know how, so I told him he’d have to pray. He wanted to know when he could pray — could it be when we got home, but after he had his cookie?

I’m not sure about his prioritization, but shortly thereafter he took my hand and we walked down stairs, and I helped him pray a simple believers prayer. When we were done, he pointed to his chest, and asked if God lived there now — and will he live there for always? I assured him that He would, and gave him a hug, and he trotted up stairs to tell mommy.

Of course his understanding is incomplete, and his faith is simple. But at 30 years of age, my understanding is still incomplete too. I was also saved when I was 4, and although there was a time when I was about 16 where I came to the realisation that I wouldn’t make it without my Saviour, I’ve never doubted my own simple believer’s prayer said 26 years ago.

And now my oldest son, my firstborn, isn’t just a part of our earthly family, he’s apart of our heavenly family too. There will be lots of hurdles and hard times. If he’s anything like his father, there’ll be rebellion and anger and stubborn independance too. But at the end of it all, he’s been bought with a price and saved by grace, and I couldn’t be more proud of my little man.

We are humbled by the Lord’s grace to our children and grandchildren, and rejoice with Jon and Nic at this news. May the Lord who has been so good to this family, find a home in your heart as well.