We went downtown yesterday looking to find the boat in the sky, the new Marina Sands hotel. It is a very unique looking structure, and given its placement at the south end of the city overlooking the harbour, impossible to miss. Getting to it is a little tricky at the moment, which is very unSingaporean. Everything in this city is easy to get to. But the new MRT station is underway, so by the time you get here, it should be just fine.

Before we went to the top we took a look at the city from the harbour side. Like many places in this very people-centered city, there was plenty of room on the deck for a nice look around. The bay is filled with balloons that are due to be launched tomorrow night and become part of the light show. It is hard to get in the panorama in a single shot, each aspect of the view has its own particular highlight, but the city planners are taking a great deal of care to preserve the old while developing the new. The overall impression is very pleasing.

The tour of the top was expensive, so we rode up to the skybar instead and tried to book a table. That was a no go as well, but we did get a chance to have free look around and snap a couple of pics. The view of the city is spectacular, the view of the harbour less so as that side is still under construction. The casino was also a bust as you need a passport to get in. For Singaporeans it costs 100 bucks an entry and 12 thousand for a year.

We took a bus and a walk and ended up back in Chinatown for suppertime. We opted for Thai food and a marketstall seat. The place was hard by the temple where songs were being offered for the dead. The square outside was filled with men playing checkers, seriously intent on the outcome. The stalls were filled with silk and batik, enamelware and incense. It was a feast for all the senses. After a short tour we caught the MRT, about three minutes away. Tomorrow is our last full day in this wonderful city. If you have not had a chance to have a look, do put it on your bucket list.