Orchard Road in Singapore is like Toronto’s Bloor Street or New York’s Fifth Avenue or London, England’s Oxford Street. It is a wall to wall shopping extravanganza, and at this time of year is all dressed up to the nines and absolutely packed with people. Pam and I went down there last night to see the lights, stoll along the avenue with the crowds and get a bite to eat.

We had spent a couple of hours at the new TWR office visiting with staff and participating in their open house and dedication service of the new space. They had a lovely potluck lunch with lasagna and scalloped potatoes, roast beef and gravy, a nice time of fellowship and a gift exchange. It was good to vist with them, share in their celebration and discuss a few plans for projects in the new year.

Orchard Road is delightful and pretty, but there is no place to have a nice meal. You’ve got to explore the little alleys and cul-de-sacs that lead away from the street to find a decent place to eat. After a couple of false starts, we found a lovely spot that offered some great Indian food – our favourite cuisine – and had a very pleasant evening under the stars with a warm breeze coming in off the Straits.

Just shy of midnight we packed it in and caught the MRT and bus back home to Blossom and McDaniel’s place and were up early this morning, Christmas Day, to get in a couple of Skype calls with our kids and grandkids. Now we are off to church at St. Andrews, Singapore’s oldest Anglican church, for their Christmas Day service. We wish all of you, family and friends, a very warm and mellow Christmas. May you all be encouraged in your heart by the love of those around you this day, and may Christ dwell in your thoughts to bless and light your way in the year ahead. Thank you for your continued friendship and your interest in our lives as we seek to serve the Lord in Asia.