Back home has been suffering in the snow. Lucan, where Pam grew up, had 154 centimeters (five feet) in three days. My sister and her family in England have had their fair share of challenges with record levels of snow fall as well.

Thames Valley where I used to teach has had three snow days in a row before Christmas. This in a board where for twenty years I went without a snow day (we don’t quit easy in our part of the country).

Of course our grandkids enjoyed playing in all this white stuff. It’s their parents and Canadian grandparents who had to shovel it and drive through it and get stuck in airports trying to get home in the middle of it.

We hope that everyone gets home safely for Christmas, and enjoys a good hug with their kids and maybe even a chance to build a snowman or two before this stuff all melts away. And don’t forget the hot chocolate when you get inside.