However America sees itself today, the global view is much different, and may I suggest a good deal more accurate. I’m sure the view in some quarters on that side of the world is three cheers for democracy, or something like it. On this side of the world it is more like, there goes the (economic) neighbourhood. At least over here we have the Chinese, whose economy shows no sign of cooling, to keep things afloat. You guys in North America aren’t going to be so lucky. Gridlock in Washington is a prelude to economic disaster.

America began its slide with Reagan and his deregulation of the economy from trucking and airlines to Wall Street and the banks. There has not been one good thing to come out of ‘Reaganomics’ unless you are Warren Buffet and have made a gazillion bucks from it. The rest of the country has just gotten poorer. I saw a report on what has happened to the airline industry in America, and I am glad I fly Asian carriers. But what Reagan did to destroy the airline industry is just the tip of the iceburg. The middle class – and by extension that means the Canadian middle class – have been deliberately squeezed into the upper lower class, and the lower class have been squeezed even lower. Every economic indicator of real income among the middle and lower classes shows this trend.

I say that this is deliberate in the sense that democracy springs from the middle class. Eliminate the middle class and the rich don’t have to worry about legislation depriving them of an even more obscene share of the world’s wealth. Meanwhile the squeeze goes on and the poor are going deeper into debt from which the only escape in suicide (read the rates from India, it is shocking). How do the rich get away with this wholesale slaughter of the innocents? By duping good hearted people into thinking this has something to do with preserving religious and civil liberties. Rally round the flag boys, and vote America. The rich laugh at such simple-mindedness.

Some of the rich have enough of a conscience to be embarrassed by this. Warren Buffet is ashamed that the cleaners in his office pay more in taxes than he does and would like to see the tax break for the very very rich eliminated. The very very rich have just bought America’s compliance with their very very slick propaganda and now it will be made permanent. The death of the middle class in America will shortly follow, joined in rapid succession by any pretence of democracy. Perhaps, eventually the Christian church in America will wake up to this fraud, at which point the full weight of the law – now unstoppable, since the middle class has been destroyed – will be brought to bear on their cherished religious freedoms. And Christians, who by and large have bought into the whole greedy fraud, will have been complicit in its demise.

Millions of North Americans are actively voting away their rights with every election, duped by pretty pundits who know which side of the bread their butter is on. I see a new Babylonian captivity for America on the horizon, but my faith is in the Lord, and He has a purpose in allowing America to drive itself eagerly into the hands of its capitalist captors. I will wait and see the hand of the Lord. He is working it out even now in China as that country embraces Christ, even as America abandons its founding principles. That that doesn’t mean I won’t grieve for the loss of a country that once stood for something, and now falls for anything. And Mr. Obama, as good a man as he is, won’t be able to stop America’s self-deluded destruction.