Every road that’s begun has an ending.
Every season has its share of pain.
We only get love through our giving.
In each loss there is something to gain.

We only die once in a lifetime,
But each life has a hundred small deaths,
When we die to the beauty within us,
And lie with each compromised breath.

The rich die in peace in their mansions,
The poor die in filth in their holes,
But both go to meet their Creator
With only the wealth of their souls.

I swear by the One who has made me
I will not go to death in my sins,
But recognize who came to save me
And offer my life back to Him.

I’ll shoulder my cross and my burden
And walk down the straight narrow road.
I’ll give unto God all the glory,
And treasure the life He’s bestowed.

Steve Wise, Oct 2010