Day Three was another incredible day; almost overwhelming at times. These are amazing people, but it is unbelievable the gaps in their culture and their understanding of things. They seem to be happy to be exploring new ideas even though every new topic gets deeper and raises more questions in their minds.  With each lesson it is evident that they are learning so much and it is so fun to  see their joy when a new concept becomes clear.

We are getting to the site by 7:30 and not getting back to my room until almost 9 each night so it is exhausting. My first facilitation went really well and I have my second tomorrow. Please continue to pray; teaching is not something that comes naturally to me.  The hotel is a lovely building but the air quality is very poor with a strong smell of mold and everyone is getting sick.  Bill had to cash it in by noon as he had a very high temperature.

I had a meeting a 6:45 this morning with Bernard – the guy from Holland who is responsible for our funding for the proposal that I have been frantically working on for months. He mentioned quite causally that the money for the project has in fact been approved and is available. He was a little surprised to hear that that was news to us.

TWR Cary is upgrading their server and I can’t access my twr mail, which is frustrating!  This did shorten my day somewhat as I was unable to finalize a meeting for this evening.  I am just now watching the miners being rescued in Chile, and it is awesome.