The next step in the writing process is the peer edit. I have students submit their second draft in a typed copy, doubled spaced and then reditribute those essays to other small groups in the class. This serves a double pupose: the students have the benefit of knowing their mistakes before they have to submit it for marking and by encorporating those corrections their mark will improve; and secondly, they gain the additional benefit of improving their own critical editing skills that they can apply to their own written work in the future. It is a great review of the writing process.

Small group work also helps to develop a sense of community and helpfulness to other students that brings about a greater sense of ownship of the learning process and resposibility for group outcomes. It gives students an opportunity to read what others in their class are writing and provides a comparison with their own work that can motivate them to try harder themselves. It also saves me a lot of headaches in that my marking load is also reduced. What is good for others is not wrong because it is also good for oneself. A peer edit is truly a win/win for all of us.

Incredibly the first unit of this term is almost at an end. Tomorrow I am myself assessed, and on Thursday there will be the first unit test on this material. Media Presentations will be prepared Friday and over the weekend (while I am off in Bali on the company ticket) and be presented to the class on Monday and Tuesday. It is a breathless, mad dash to December: an intoxicating, adrenaline rush of content delivery, assessment and deadlines, to which I am unfortunately, irrevocably addicted.