There is no question that this year’s ‘holiday’ in Canada was the toughest we’ve ever had. For Pam it was two months of nursing her father through the present day difficulties of health care in Canada to his burial on June 29 followed by a frantic ten days of trying to cram in enough visits with our children, grandchildren, other family and friends to make it count. I am still reeling from the rapidity of the changes, both physical and emotional that I have been thorough in the last three weeks.

But in the midst of this demanding time, there is the realization that the Lord has been with us every step of the way. Pam’s work in Cambodia had reached a place where she could suspend her efforts for two months to attend to her father. She was able to be by his side for much of that time, and share some precious moments with him and the rest of her family as they went through that sad trial. My work finished in time for me to join her at her father’s side and assist in the preparations for his funeral.

The visitation and funeral were poignant and uplifting. Dad had led such a good life. His family and friends were a testimony to his kindness and faithfulness to Christ. The service itself was filled with moments of sweet remembrances, and to see his bier attended by his ten grandsons and four granddaughters was sight so touching as to make angels weep. From the 24 hour a day watch the family kept over him, until the gathering of the details of his estate for the executor of his will, everything that occured was done in such a way as to honour this dear saint whose life had been in dedicated service to others.

We are grateful that our children could all be there to witness the passing of their grandfather. We are grateful that we ourselves were in Canada during this time. We are grateful to our family and friends who were a blessing and an encouragement to us. We are especially grateful to God who gives us the assurance that he has prepared a place for us, a place without sickness or grief, where we will see this dear man again. In all these ways, we count our blessings.