After what has surely been the most heart-rending and disorganized trip home to Canada in three years, Pam and I are on our way back to Malaysia this morning. We are spending the last night with our friend Kim McNamara in Bolton and flying out in the morning from Toronto, over the North Pole to Hong Kong. There we will catch a connecting flight to KL. We want to thank all our many friends and dear family members for their kindness to us over the past few weeks, and offer our apologies to the many folks we were unable to see this time due to circumstances beyond our control. We realized yesterday that with the exception of the one flight for me this morning, every other flight on our trip had to be changed, many at the very last minute. It has been expensive and disruptive.

Monday I start the new term, exhausted and disoriented. Trusting to the Lord to give me strength to put it all together in short order.