The move to palliative care has been a blessing. A private room became available almost immediately, confirming, if any further confirmation was needed, that this was the right decision. A change in Dad’s medication has brought about a significant improvement in his comfort level. He has not regained consciousness, however, so our goodbyes have consisted of gestures and words of comfort that we hope are having an effect at some level.

The family is keeping watch throughout the day and night, spelling each other off in a casual rotation that allows for soccer games and work schedules. The shifts overlap so information about the care that has been administered can be passed on to the next family member. Visiters have been frequent, stopping by to say their goodbyes and staying to visit for a while. These visits have been a blessing and an encouragement to the whole family.

We do want to thank all those who have dropped by either in person or through the website. If you have pictures of Dad or stories of remembrance would you please send them to us through our mail on this site: as we would like to begin to assemble a tribute.