I think I always knew that Pam’s Dad was not going to make it. Something in my heart told me that this was going to be his final chapter.  After two surgeries and several weeks in hospital he is on comfort measures onlyand not expected to last much beyond the weekend. After extensive measures to attempt to bring  his blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature under control, it was evident that he was not likely to respond.  He has slipped onto a deep coma and is very much at peace for the first time in a long while.

I have changed my flights courtesy of a very understanding agent at Air Canada, and will be landing in Toronto in about 24 hours from now. Pam would of course appreciate your prayers at this time for the family as they get ready for the inevitable. I am so grateful for our faith that enables us to face what will be ahead for us over the next week. Dad is going to a much better place.