The school Prom has come and gone; a chance for staff and students to dress up a little and have some fun together after working hard all year getting this graduating class ready the next step in their young lives. It is always a happy time, lots of handsome young men and lovely young ladies enjoying each other’s company and congratulating one another on having survived of the most critical years in their young lives.

The food was great, the music a little loud (is it just me, or did we always have background music so loud that conversation becomes strained and difficult?), and the MC, Victor, very entertaining with an endless string of inane advice to the graduates. I got my picture taken with as many of the students I had taught as I could, and wished them all well as I should. Then once the dancing started I retired to the relative peace of our condo, as watching others dance when my dancing partner was in Canada was just a little too melancholic.

Today we made the final adjustment to the marks in preparation for their report. Friday is the Grad, my last duty before heading home to Canada to see Pam and the rest of the family. This is a time of year when I always get reflective on what has taken place over the past twelve months, the successes as well as the failures, and I will share some of that in a weblog shortly.