Not sure how the whole idea of engagement rings got started. But they are an obvious and unavoidable announcement of intentions, very much ‘in your face’ and out there. It comes at the price of much good-natured ribbing all around, and we are sure that Greg and Liz have been the happy recipients of much of that recently.

So now that they have released the news to their friends, it is safe for us to comment. We’d just like to say great choice Greg, both in the ring and in your future wife. We are so happy for both of you and Pam can hardly wait to see you in just a few weeks and to start doing some wedding planning.

We were delighted to meet Greg and his family on our last trip home and found them all to be very lovely and hospitable people who all seemed to have developed a real affection for our daughter. That Greg and Liz have made this commitment to each other makes us very happy indeed. What delightfully good news!