God is faithful, who will not try us beyond what we can bear. It is hard to be here in Malaysia when Pam and her family are going through so much back in Canada. At such times we just want to be beside those we love and offer what comfort we can. Skype is great, but it doesn’t add up to a hug when you are feeling overwhelmed, and I’m sorry I can’t be there to give one.

Fortunately for me, I teach for a living. That means I get to be surrounded with young people who are full of smiles and good wishes. Especially now that the long semester is over and my students can look forward to the very real possibility that with another week of effort during exams, they can earn a flight to Canada and the chance for a world class education for the next four years.

It is a great honour and an undeserved privilege to be a part of that earnest ambition. To urge and encourage (and yes, sometimes scold) the best out of the fine young men and women in my classes. To require of them the best they can produce, and to see them exceed themselves and delight in what they have accomplished is unadulterated joy.

These students have earned something that will change their lives. They stand on the brink of that change with a mix of excitement and fear. So much will be different four years from now, and I had an opportunity to help bring that about. That makes me a very fortunate man.