Well I made it to Sunday, and not a moment too soon as I am exhausted. Yesterday we did two shows and once again I was the last to leave, finally getting home pretty close to midnight after all the equipment was packed off in vans or stored away in the tiny little space that passes for a sound booth. There were a couple of kids who came back looking for stuff they had left behind, and I will probably have to go back up later on today to have a more thorough look around to see what else has been misplaced.

But the show itself went very well; the evening better than the matinee, as is generally the case. The kids really cut loose on the final show, hamming it up for a very appreciative audience, who cheered every song like they were at a rock concert. Both shows were packed, as was the Friday show, and I’m sure if we had planned a Sunday show we could have sold that out as well.

It has been nothing short of amazing what the kids pulled off in just three months. The choreography, costumes and music were are very well done. We had the sound equipment for just one day before we went to show, and had to pack three rehearsals into that time to get the kids up to speed in remote mics and tracking spots. To their credit they rose to the challenge and got it all together.

There were plenty of tears at the post-show get together. For most of them this had been their first opportunity to do a show like this, and they were so appreciative of the opportunity. As always with these things, it has been great to see the kids learn and enjoy doing new things. Very rewarding, but also exhausting. I plan to spend a week getting caught up on all the things that I have put aside for the last two months.