Not that Friday is the end of my week these days. This show has been occupying all my time, including weekends. Last night I got home sometime around 9, having left for work around 7. Another 12 hour day; I’m not sure my tired old body can take much more of this.

Fortunately it all comes to an end on Sunday, so there are only four more days. Unfortunately Pam leaves on Sunday for a week in Cambodia, so we wont get to see much of each other for another week. Last night she prepared a homemade soup, and ate it by herself at around 8 when it looked like I wasn’t going to make it again. She has been very supportive and understanding through all of this extra work, but we do miss each other’s company, and occasionaly wonder if perhaps there isn’t another way we could arrange this.

The show continues to lurch forward, always an inch or so from disaster, it seems. There are about sixty of us involved in this thing in one way or another, so there are a lot of people to keep on track. There are not a lot of prima donnas in this group, but people do get sick and have other commitments – like school work! – that need to happen.

Typically no one sees the tech stuff that happens, but it takes a huge amount of work to get all the sets built and the props made. Then there all all the sound and light cues, the equipment to get wired into place. It seems pretty much endless at this point. I have had a good crew working with me on all this, and they have been fun to work with. But at this point I just want the show to start. Compared to what I have been doing for the last month and a half, that will seem like a holiday!