The CPU staff and students are putting on a musical theatre of songs from Broadway musicals. It has been fun, but like all of these things, exhausting. I have had to wear a number of hats for this production: set design and construction, props, sound and light. All part of the mix when you are in a foreign city wiothout much in the way of community support. I was even asked to do a little choreography; not exactly my strong suit, although Pam and I still enjoy dancing when we can.

Here I am leading a couple of students through the steps for “16 Going On 17” from Sound of Music. Like most young people they learn to breakdance long before they can foxtrot or waltz. But they are fast learners. The routines for “Fame” and “He Had It Coming” were fantastic. Another teacher is conducting a student band for the performance, so all the music will be live.

I just secured a technician for the sound and light portion of the show this weekend, a nice Christian fellow that I met through the church, who is doing the three days for a reasonable price. And Jamie, my student teacher, has taken over the props and is helping with set design, so my load has been lightened considerably is the last few days. With most of the construction – including a stage thrust extension – behind me, I should be able to enjoy the next couple of weeks leading up to the show.