Almost two years ago I began a campaign on behalf of a wonderful Cambodian lady that I met in my search for health information and resources for our Cambodian Project Hannah team.  Dr. Vathiny is the Executive Director of an organization which provides family and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services to much of Cambodia.  She works through an extensive network of clinics and health stations, providing clinical services and  training village health volunteers.

In a very early conversation she confided in me her heartache that although she can provide the mandated services, she has seen little positive impact on the overall life of Cambodians, particularly women.  Her comment was that the hearts of the people needed healing and she was unable to meet the emotional, moral and spiritual needs of her patients. She asked me to help her meet this need.  Although I have been able to  help with a few minor initiatives and have even written a proposal that would allow TWR to provide her with some media based resources, I know that what is needed is much more involved.

Through my connection with the International Community Health Education Network, I was able to present her need to a group of doctors who are willing and able to assist her.  I am now headed to Cambodia to introduce Dr. Vathiny to one of the group of physicians who will offer their expertise and experience to assist.  Please pray that Dr. Vathiny’s heart will be open to accept this offer which has the potential to impact the health system of Cambodia in a very significant way.

Following our meeting on Friday, we will either form a “consultation group” working out of Singapore to begin training village health volunteers in a holistic approach to health and village development, or this particular avenue of my work will come to an end.  I believe that we have seen God’s hand in the building of the team and would ask for your prayers for guidance and sensitivity as we meet together on Friday.