Pam’s Dad was admitted into hospital again this weekend, now in congestive heart failure. Following so closely after his heart attack, we are understandably concerned. Apparently there is a lot of fluid on his lungs and his breathing is very laboured. Clearly there is another obstruction, and the heart is unable to clear the lungs. This could be a valve or it could be a failure of the muscles of the heart (myopathy). We don’t know at this point if Pam will have to fly home. It depends on the results of some tests that will be done within the next twenty-four hours.

If Pam had nothing on her plate at the moment then our decision would be an easy one: she would simply fly home. But the situation is not that simple. Pam has an awful lot on her plate and her role at the moment is pivotal. Essentially the plans for a new initiative in Cambodia depend upon her connections with the various players who do not yet know each other. Pam is working to bring that meeting – or series of meetings – into being. Once those meetings have taken place, Pam can step back into a supportive role once again. But at the moment she is the lynchpin for this initiative; hence our dilemma.

Obviously if Dad takes a turn for the worse, she will have to come home immediately, there is no question of that. But if Dad is able to recover, and Pam could delay coming home until these Cambodian meetings take place, then the work here could go forward. We know that the Lord’s will and timing are perfect. But our undertanding of the Lord’s plans at present is a little uncertain. Would you undertake to offer a prayer on our behalf so that we would do what the Lord would have us do? We would ask that you undertake to pray for Pam’s Dad as well. He is a dear man, and as faithful a servant of God as one could ever hope to meet. May the Lord’s gracious will be done in his life.