I don’t know if the last post made it clear, but Pam is off again this week, this time in Thailand, where she will attend a conference and deliver a presentation on the work in Cambodia. She is also going to be doing some important newtworking among missionary colleagues to keep the lines of communication open. The conferencing and the networking are vital if the work of Christ is to remain connected to the people who need the services and support that these missionaries provide. Pam and I both know this. I have plenty to keep me busy in KL this coming week, and the phones in this part of the world have fabulous coverage and cheap service costs, so we are able to stay in touch with each other.

But I definitely feel the pressure of holding the fort when a crisis develops, as it did yesterday when we heard that Pam’s Dad had been taken to hospital having suffered a heart attack. Fortunately Pam’s brother Randy was home and got Dad to the hospital quickly. The emergency surgery was effective and the clot in an artery near the heart was removed in time. Dad is now on the road to recovery, although we are still waiting to hear if there has been damage to other organs.

For a while there it was touch and go acting as liason between Pam and her sister-in-law, Sylvia, as Pam was all for trying to get a flight out of Chiang Mai back to Toronto. But thanks to sms and skype I was able to get Pam some accurate information that allowed her to make an informed decision, and she has chosen to see the conference through, provided that Dad remains stable. I would ask for your prayers for Pam’s Dad that he would have a full recovery, and for Pam that she would have the peace of God this week as she serves Him in being an encouragement to others.