Steve and I were happy to get away to Australia for a couple of weeks, but our vacation came at a bit of an awkward time for me in that I am in the midst of writing a proposal for funding for a new program for TWR Cambodia

Once again I have reached the point in my work that I can go no further without the input of the Cambodian team. So for the third time in this project, I will spend a week at the TWR office in Phnom Penh. During the first visit we just really launched the idea for an HIV/AIDS program and had some general discussions about the challenges the Cambodian teams face as they regularly confront the questions of their listeners. Following that visit and for the next two weeks, I did some background research on the situation in Cambodia and began to write up my research in rough form while the individual teams there looked at the needs of their particular target audiences.

On my second visit in early December, we went through the proposal guidelines step by step and I took notes of the discussions. We were also able to meet with several organizations that we hoped would be interested in partnering with us and received very positive responses from each of them. Since then I have been compiling all of the information and combining it with my previous research into a proposal, using the format required by the funding agency. I have a first draft prepared, minus some very specific information that the team will need to provide. I am grateful for a very gifted and knowledgeable English teacher as a husband who has helped immensely with editing and formatting the document.

I have chosen this week to go to Phnom Penh as it will allow me not only to meet the funding deadline, but also give me the privilege of being with the Cambodian staff to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. What a joy it will be to celebrate with this dedicated team who constantly amaze me by how such a small team can deal with the extent of the work they have accomplished.

I would appreciate your prayers for my safety, for a successful conclusion to the nearly two months of work I and others have put into this proposal, and to a joyous celebration of what God has been able to accomplish through TWR in Cambodia through the lives of ordinary people touched by His extraordinary grace.