We had heard that it was going to be hot in Australia. Apparently not first thing in the morning! I have my hoodie and my jacket on and I am still cold. It could be that we are tired. Sleep was hard to come by on the overnight flight from KL to Perth. The cabin light above our head was stuck on, much to the consternation of the Aussie behind us who had to let everyone know just how shoddy the whole operation was because of this particular light.

We have got a little time to kill before we can pick up the camper. We arrived at 6 am and the rental place down the road doesn’t open until 8. We had a couple of very expensive – $4.50! – coffees and a couple of granola bars I snuck in across the border. They scruntinize foodstuffs pretty carefully in Oz, for good reason, but the granola bars got in under the radar.

We will post when we can, but I’m not thinking that once we leave Perth there are going to be too many places in the Outback that we will have access to the internet. We are headed north initially, with the end point being Coral Bay, the land point closest to the Little Barrier Reef where we hope to do some snorkelling