Steve and I have been blogging for two and a half years, nowhere near the over eight years our son has been blogging and probably considerably less than many of our regular readers. Although it began with the simple idea of wanting to keep in touch with our family and friends back in Canada while we were in Malaysia, it has grown into much more than that, as we have found our voice through our writing. Now we share our thoughts not only on our travels in South East Asia, but also reflect on our cultural and personal journeys.

On the days when it feels like blogging is a lot of work, we are encouraged by a neat feature that we discovered about six months ago that we have been using.  It is called ClustrMaps, which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage. ClustrMaps creates for us a visual graph of our readership. Not only does it create a red dot for each hit on the site, but the dot increases in size with the number of hits.  We are also able to see a complete list of the countries in which we have readers. We are now at 86!

Each time we look at this graphic we see a new reader in some far off part of the world. We have readers now on every continent except Antarctica. We have several readers in both South America and India, two places in the world that we have yet to visit. We also have visitors in Alaska and Hawaii, and visitors in Korea and China.

We find all of this quite amazing; it certainly does reinforce the idea that this is indeed a small world, and a most interconnected one at that. Surely this can only be a good thing for human understanding as we learn more about who each of us truly are. Hopefully over time this will lead to greater compassion and a recognition that all of us are just one species, uniquely endowed with a capacity to envision God, and an inborn desire to know our Creator. Wherever you are in the world, dear reader, may God smile on your journey to find Him.