Arab Quarter

Most people go to Singapore for the showy stuff: the Grand Prix or Raffles, the shopping along Orchard Road or the concerts at the futuristic Esplanade, and I do confess that is what we did as well when we first visited. This time we had a very specific goal in mind, to see Mel and Abel and wish them well. That we did, and it was as multicultural an event as you can get, an Indian Malaysian marrying a Mexican American at a wedding attended by Chinese, Indians and Europeans in the heart of Singapore. We felt right at home.

We stayed at a lovely little spot called Albert Court and in the morning we wandered off for breakfast in Little India, and had some dosai and dhal while we chatted to the locals. Then we strolled to the Arab Quarter for some shopping and a mid-morning tea of chrysanthemum flowers, ginger and rosehips. It was not showy, but it was very pleasant and relaxing, full of the charm of the East that we have come to really appreciate.

The five hours on the bus went very quickly as I had a pile of marking to catch up on. As Pam slept and read, the rolling green countryside whisked by the window. It had been five months since I was in Singapore, the last time being my birthday back in May. Pam doesn’t get down as often as she needs to, although that may change shortly as well. But each time I am impressed by how well that city works, while still managing to retain much of the culture and the ambience of the people who live there.