Abel and MelOne of the real pleasures of my travels with the TWR Singapore team has been the opportunity to get to know Mel (P. Mallika), who has worked out of that office for a number of years. Last year I got to travel with her and Serene to Nepal to visit some TWR listeners there. On that trip we shared some unique experiences together, mostly good but there were certainly others that we probably would rather not repeat.  Together we visited  brothels and prisons, slept in filthy bug infested hotels, travelled almost impassable roads and tried our best to swallow some unique foods.  However, we also had the privilege of meeting some of the most wonderful women and hearing their stories of the impact of Project Hannah on their lives.

Just this past month I was with Mel and Serene once again, this time in Vietnam. Although the scenery was not nearly as dramatic as the foothills of the Himalyas, the area around DaNang had its own beauty, and Mel was once again good company as we listened to believers and listeners share their stories of how the ministry of TWR had impacted their lives.

In her years with the Media Resource Group, Mel has developed an extensive knowledge of the programs that TWR braodcasts and an amazing love for the listeners.  Her role with TWR opened the door for her to travel to Dallas for a Christian radio broadcasters conference where she was able to make connections with other organizations involved in broadcasting.

God works in amazing ways and in Dallas she met Abel, a Mexican pastor and musician who lost his wife to illness five years ago. One thing led to another, and this weekend we are going down to Singapore to celebrate their formal engagement prior to her moving to Dallas where they will be married.  Mel will continue with TWR for the time being but she will be sorely missed by the entire Singapore team. We wish her and Abel the Lord’s blessing on their marriage.