infidelAs a Christian I have thought deeply about my relationship with Muslims. I have read the Quran from cover to cover, not once, but twice. We spent a year in the predominantly Muslim country of Bangladesh and are now working our way through our third year in Malaysia. I work and eat with Muslims, and Muslims make up the overwhelming majority of the students that I teach. I would not wish to offend them in the least. I recognize that the only way forward for the West and Islam is through understanding and dialogue.

It is in that spirit that I urge all our Muslim readers, and those who have an interest in this cultural dialogue, to find and read a copy of this important book. Having read thousands of books, from Dante to Dostoevsvky, C.S. Lewis to Cervantes, Milton to Moby Dick, I can tell you that this is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read in my life.

I encourage you to put this book on your reading list for the coming year. It will expand your understanding of Islam tremendously, and uplift you with the tenacity and beauty of the human spirit. This is one amazing life, and yes I do see the providential provision of a loving God in the preservation of this unique woman. She has a story to tell that needs to be heard.