I am not a race fan, I am a Formula 1 fan. There is a difference. There is something special about watching the world’s best driving the most highly engineered vehicles on the planet that appeals to me. The NASCAR circuit, sometimes refered to as rednecks driving in circles, holds no such appeal.

That said, I was not going to miss the opportunity to see the World Championship Motorcycle races when they arrived in Malaysia on the weekend, especially when grandstand tickets were $10! We parked ourselves at the end of the starting grid, at the first turn, which is a downhill S-curve. The action was great, and the dog-fights – especially in the 250cc class – were outstanding, with takes and retakes within seconds. The 1000cc race was a blowout, the Ducatti of Casey Stoner tearing away from the higher revving Yamahas, Hondas and Susukis in the rain and building a 25 second lead with five laps to spare.

With the race in the bag we skipped out ahead of the crowd and got out of the parking lot before the jam. I had rented a car for the day so we made a quick escape before the traffic began to build and had an easy ride home. With friends Jim and Michel along for some easy conversation, three good races and cooler weather it was great outing on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.