Jim LeonardWe both love the Fall season and Thanksgiving has always been one of our favourite weekends of the year.  We do miss family and friends and, of course, the fall colours of Ontario but at least this year we didn’t have to miss out on the turkey dinner.  Jim and Karen, the Director and his wife actually have a gas oven and very graciously cooked a turkey for the whole gang.

When we originally talked about a Thanksgiving get together a good number of people indicated that they were not too concerned about having turkey so we planned a BBQ with each one bringing their own meat.  I think that pretty much everyone was pretty delighted when they arrived to find a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Thanks so much, Jim and Karen.

It was also one of the teacher’s birthday (Happy Birthday John!) and we always use these events to get some cake and try to encourage one another. It is great when family members come to visit (hint, hint), but for the most part we are each other’s family. We are so thankful for the many rich blessings in our lives and for the opportunity to be working int his beautiful part of the world with a great set of friends and colleagues.

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