This is a shout out for a former student of mine Marline Yan, who has a lead role in a new TV series in Canada called How to be Indie. It is the kind of show that Canada does well, youthful and multi-cultural, and it is backed by the folks who did the long-running and successful Degrassi shows. Marline plays the faithful friend Abi who is wise and sympathetic, and she does a really great job in the role.

One of the hats I used to wear in my last teaching position at Locke’s was to co-ordinate the annual school talent show. Of all the things I did at Locke’s that was certainly one of the most enjoyable. Marline was taking singing lessons at the time, and had already won a couple of local competitions. Her singing was one of the highlights of our show, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and Jessica Goodall, another good singer.

Here is a video clip from the show. All four segments are uploaded to YouTube, so if you like the clip just enter the show’s title into their search engine for the rest. The show aired on Channel 25 on October 2, so if you are in Canada you can check your local listings for when it will be on next. Way to go, Marline. All of St. Thomas is watching, and hopefully soon all of Canada will be as well!