Vietnam 011While Steve spent a few days exploring the city and the Mekong Delta area, I took the opportunity to travel with friends up into the central area of Vietnam. Starting our visit with a lovely lunch at a hawker stall on the beach, we were absolutely amazed by the beauty of sea and the the rice paddies. By evening as we drove into the city, we saw first hand the effects of a “normal” rainfall and waded through almost knee deep water to get to a friend’s home.

Many of the friends that I had hoped to meet the following day, were unable to come due to their need to try and rescue their crops from the damage of the winds and rain. Those ladies we did meet told of their daily struggles just to meet the daily needs of their families. They all seemed so thin and frail, that I found it hard to fathom the joy and peace that they expressed when they described the impact of the radio broadcasts and their gratitude for what they have learned.

This week Typhoon Ketsana hit this very area, leaving cities and surrounding countryside devastated by floods and wind damage.  We know that many of our listeners in the Philippines and Indonesia have also suffered huge loses as a result of  not only the typhoon but also earthquakes and tidal waves that have devastated these countries.  Please pray for safety and provision for our staff and listeners in South East Asia.