Liz and Hyundai

Not quite as famous as some of the greats of British racing, but a lot dearer to us is our own very own daughter, known briefly as “Crash,” a nickname she acquired on sixteenth birthday on the very first day she drove a car. She drove all the way home from the license bureau quite successfully and even drove into the garage, which would have been even more sucessful if the garage door had been open.

No one was hurt, and the air bag didn’t even deploy, for which I am very grateful as that question always comes up on insurance forms. The car itself suffered almost no damage, and when Liz went West several years ago took the Sunfire with her, as seemed only fitting. It served her well for many years until it was replaced with the little Hyundai you see pictured above.

Despite her lead foot (I think that is genetic) and the constant need to adjust her tunes while she is driving, Liz has turned into quite a good driver, which proves my long held conviction that there is nothing like a good crash to make make you aware of what may happen on the road if you are not careful. I had one myself at 16, a lot worse than our daughter’s, and it did me a world of good.

Dave and Jon both have had their moments behind the wheel as well, but God has been awfully good to all of us, and nothing serious has ever come of any of it. We count the Lord’s favour to us as a blessing as we consider our daughter’s birthday on Monday. So many miles travelled, so many adventures, and yet He has blessed and preserved her through all of them. We are grateful to God for our daughter, our own sweet “Crash,” and trust that she will rejoice in all the good things in her life on her day. Happy Birthday, darling. Drive safely.