Asia is a strange eclectic mix of cultures. We both love the diversity of it and wish our own “home and native land” was a bit more welcoming of the richness that foreign cultures bring to a country. Here we are on the first night of our stay in the Philippines eating at a Bavarian restaurant, complete with bratwurst and weiner schneitzel on the menu.

Not that we would necessarily recommend a quick trip to Angeles City to check it out. Air Asia flies to the old U.S. army base at Clark Field just outside town as they cannot get landing rights to Manila or Cebu in the south. This suits us just fine, as we are headed for the Asian Theological Seminary in Baguio City to the north. Unfortunately Angeles is everything you would imagine a town that grew up to service the U.S. army might be; full of karoke bars and massage parlours. Being hustled by Asian hotties who should still be in school is bad enough. Being offered Viagra on every street corner, I take that as a personal affront!

This hotel – called the Swiss Chalet, of all things – is nestled in the heart of this district, but it is strangely welcoming and secure, a European outpost in an Asian cosmopolitan mix. We have rented a car, and tomorrow we head out for the cool clear north to meet with the TWR staff and establish some contacts. We have some concerns regarding our safety on the roads in a strange country, and we are counting on the Lord to keep us safe. We will keep you posted.