Jon Age 4

Liz Age 1Dave Age 3

I have been house bound for three days this week while Telecom Malaysia has been working on repairing our “very, big problem” with our phone line, by which we access the internet. It seemed like a great opportunity to get started on the task of scanning in all of our old photos.

The ’80s was a wonderful decade for our family starting with Jon’s birth in 1980, Dave in 81 and Liz in 83. During that time we also celebrated four family weddings and welcomed several new nieces and nephews. There were summer vacations at the cottage, major anniversaries and Christmas celebrations in various family homes. Each picture I scanned was an opportunity to relive the joy and excitement of those experiences that were so very precious.

I know that passport pictures are generally not the most flattering but these photos taken for  our kids first passports, in preparation for our year in Bangladesh are among my favourites.