008I was delighted to learn from the TWR Philippines team, that they had recieved a letter from a TWR listener in Malaysia and then to find that she actually lives in Kuala Lumpur. I am sure there are many others in this country but I have yet to meet them.

Yesterday I went to visit with this lovely lady who daily listens to the English programs from the Philippines, broadcast via shortwave from the island of Guam. She is a single, retired Midwife and for eighteen years her only source of spiritual teaching and encouragement was through her radio. Two years ago, Mary had a chance encounter with a former co-worker whom she had not seen for thirteen years. This lady invited her to attend church with her so now Mary has regular fellowship and Bible study to provide support and encouragement.

There are many other programs that she enjoys so she keeps two radios, one of which is always tuned to the station that recieves the TWR broadcast. She doesn’t want to risk losing that frequency and being unable to locate it again as it can be tricky.
Here are some excerpts from the letter that she sent:

“I have been listening to KTWR since 23rd April 1989. Yes, 20 years ago, accidently I tuned into TWR. I have been enriched, blessed and more closer to the Almighty. Thanks to TWR. Though the length of the broadcast has been shortened tremendously but life changing radio is my daily companion.”
“Please convey my gratitude to all the Pastors and missionaries and employees and their families for bringing the message of the Almighty through the radio especially to those who can’t afford an internet service like me. Many Pastors whom I am very grateful for Dr. Charles Swindoll, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Stewart Briscoe, Luis Palau and Erwin Lutzer and others whose names I have not mentioned. I pray for them daily.”