Is that Dave? Lessee: GameBoy in hand, check! Digital watch on wrist, check! Happy little smile on face, check! Must be Dave. Middle kids are like that. They don’t get to be whining and demanding, because their parents got over the mistake of tending to every little bump and scrape with the first kid. They don’t get to be precious and protected, because they’re not the last kid the parents are ever going to have. Instead they have a decent chance of growing up pretty close to normal because they are in the middle, and they get to do pretty much what they want, so long as they keep their head down.

They also get to be the conciliator between the other two and learn how to be diplomatic and accommodating. That can wear on anyone after a while, and middle kids are still human and everyone can get tired of a steady diet of accommodating others and need some private time. That is not a perfect match with our Dave, but it comes pretty close. A nice kid, a decent kid, who cares about others and gives everyone who comes his way fair value.

It is amazing how different each of your kids can be. As you age it is especially rewarding to see them mature and become who they are. We are proud of all of our kids, but today is Dave’s birthday, so he gets a digital hug from us today. It was fun having you around while you were growing up, son. Have a Happy Birthday!