DadandHelenThe last two days, I have heard many stories of antics that took place more than 60 years ago at Morrow Memorial Church on Queen St in Toronto. Not sure of how this was all set up but a number of young people lived in rooms and apartments in various parts of this huge old church. There many marriages and lifelong friendships began.
ArchieAmongst that group was a married couple, Barnie and Helen and two singles who were later to marry and become my parents. Somewhere in there, Mom’s youngest brother Archie, still high school age, came and stayed for a summer. When Mom and Dad got married, it was Barnie who played the organ and Helen who supplied the tablecloth and sandwiches that comprised the wedding reception. Forty years later, Steve and I had the pleasure of having Barnie play the organ at our own wedding.

Although Barnie passed away twelve years ago, Helen, at 85 still enjoys a very active life, living in a lovely granny flat at her granddaughter’s house near Kingston. Since Uncle Archie is in Kingston as well, Dad and I took a road trip to visit them both. Although their bodies are beginning to fail them, all three enjoyed reliving memories of the days when rebellious, young people did unthinkable acts like placing a grape in the hat brim of a gentleman on the streetcar and laughing hilariously as it rolled around with the motion of the streetcar. How precious is the knowledge that a day will come when bodies are healed and these faithful folk will rejoice for eternity with their Lord and their life time partners.
BoatWe even found time for a drive to Gananogue where Dad and I took a cruise through the Thousand Islands and and ate fish’nchips along the shore. Although it was a long drive through Toronto, Dad is a great travel companion and never turned down an opportunity for food and a Timmies along the way. I will long treasure these days I have had with Dad while I have been home.