On July 12, the People’s Church in Toronto dedicated their evening service to honour the work of Trans World Radio Canada and two individuals in particular.
GeraldFor the past ten years, this vital ministry has been very capably led by our friend Gerald Hayes. During this time TWR has continued to support worlwide broadcasts in various languages, Canadian and national workers, as well as specific ministry projects in many countries around the world.

In recent years TWR Canada also began broadcasting in the French language to the province of Quebec and in the Mandarin Chinese language in the Greater Vancouver area of BC. At the conclusion of his term as Canadian director many friends and colleagues were present to honour the commitment that Gerald has made to the ministry.

Most of the Canadian Board were on hand to take the opportunity to welcome our new President, Ray Alary.  Ray and his wife Sandy have served with TWR for over twenty years, most recently in the role of Director of Operations for Africa. Ray brings both administrative and field work experience to his new role and TWR looks forward to continued growth in service to God under his leadership.


Although both Gerald and his patient wife Gloria have been happy to serve TWR for much longer than they originally intended, it sure looked to me like Gloria was perhaps the person who was celebrating Gerald’s retirement the most. We thank them both for their dedication, and trust that these retirement years are filled with the joy of recalling a job well done.