IMG_0982Nic had to take Abi for her shots, and Jon was working, so we got to take Ben for a walk in the park. They live in quite a pretty little town, with its own school, built in the 1880s, a playground with all the latest equipment, including a toy backhoe (Pam’s favourite) and a brand new library. Between the school and the library is a pond and a park, just perfect for taking a stroll with our grandson.

IMG_0983The ducks were not interested in the buns we bought, but no matter, as there was much more to explore. Jon and Nicole’s neighbourhood has some lovely old houses, and Pam and I fantasized about buying one and moving in around the corner from Ben and Abi so we could see them everyday. Probably not smart to torture ourselves with such thoughts.

IMG_1008On our way home we ran in to Nic and Abi coming out to find us. Pam entertained the kids by playing ‘Kick’ in the backyard, before settling in to lunch on the deck. Abi at just fifteen months has amazing coordination and could carry and throw the ball while she was running, although the effort would invariably knock her over. We captured some darling video which we may upload to youtube when we get a minute. Gosh it was nice to do what others may sometimes take for granted. Lunch on the deck with our family in the warm summer air was all that we have waited all year to enjoy.