IMG_1016Before we went overseas Pam’s family all got together at the Four Seasons in London for a farewell breakfast. We called it that, anyway. By the time we broke up it was closer to lunch than breakfast. No one wanted to leave and everyone had a good natter. We continued the tradition last year when we were home with similar results. Everyone came, no one wanted to leave.

IMG_1026This year was no different, although we are all a little older and most of us us are either retired on working on our post retirement careers. Conversation comes easy when you haven’t seen each other for a year and there was a lot to catch up on. The recession has hit us all hard, some harder than others, and the subject of work was predominent, at least among the menfolk.

IMG_1021The ladies chatted about kids and grandkids, and the problems of sick and aging in-laws. We showed around the book that we had printed of our first year’s weblog, much to the interest of all. We probably could have sold a few copies, if we had them, and then we took a few more pictures for the archives. Missing was Pam’s youngest brother Joe, who was in Abu Dhabi selling irrigation systems.

IMG_1028Breakfast was great, and again lasted well into lunch. It is a great way to get caught up on everyone’s lives. If you wanted to get further caught up by buying our book, go to and click on Buy a Book. When the search box comes up just type in the title of our book, Home Thoughts From Abroad. Make a comment on this post, and you get to appear in print next year!