I think we have created a monster, Pam and I. It was not our intention to start a journal with this weblog. We just wanted to keep in touch with our family and friends. But then the inevitable happened and we decided to download our first year into book format in case this site crashed and we lost all our memories.

Like every solution, this one comes with problems. Not that the project was time-consuming and tedious. It was, but well worth the effort when we saw the final results. But rather that it was SO good a way to record this adventure we are on that I am inclined to do a better job of capturing what we have been doing.

So if you are an occasional reader, you might find the next week or two a little too much. You tuned back in and we were five miles down the road in terms of the number of blogs posted. If you are a regular reader you are about to be snowed. And if you are the chief cook and bottle-washer of this weblog, you are in for a lot of work!