IMG_0719We can hardly believe it, but this was the third prom we have attended in Malaysia. We got to the first one shortly after we arrived and before I even started teaching. That one was held at the Palace of a Thousand Horses, and still ranks as the best we have seen. This year’s affair, like last year’s, was held at the Sheraton just up the street from where we live (a handy reference point for lost and confused cab drivers we have had).

IMG_0750This might well be the last one, as it was not well attended. Muslims generally avoid these things – although there are some exceptions – and since they make up the bulk of the student body, it is hard to draw a crowd. But Chinese and Indian students love an opportunity to dress up, and they were determined to have as much fun and make as much noise as possible. The food was good and in typical Asian fashion the teachers had first crack at the buffet, so the selection was excellent.

IMG_0736One of our teachers, Craig Woodcock, organized the music. He has worked all year on putting together a jazz band of teachers and students, and they played and did a decent job. The student bands were a little less successful, but by then it was time to take a little stroll to to the hotel lobby and let the kids make some noise. Not the final chance to see the kids before the end of the term, but just about, so I did get my picture taken a few times! My favourite pic appears first.