We are patient people or we couldn’t do what we are doing in Asia. But there are some things in our lives that are difficult for us to wait for. Holding our grandchildren is one of those things. It has been just under a year since either of us have seen or held Ben and Abi, and that is a long time for new grandparents.
But our daughter-in-law’s sister was getting married and there were rehearsals to arrange and dresses to pick up so we had the delightful duty of looking after our two grandchildren for the day. We of course took them to the mall and McDonald’s and we felt so comfortable and happy looking after young children again. It reminded us of the joy we had raising our own children.
Both of them – all children? – love music, and were so happy to have me play and sing for them. They are just delightful children, and it was wonderful to see and hold them again after so long. It is without question the hardest part of serving the Lord overseas to be away from our family for so long.