IMG_0895Okay, maybe in-laws is jumping the gun. Liz is just dating this guy at the moment. But when your grown daughter invites you to dinner with the parents of the guy that she is dating you know it is getting serious. The Epps are a very nice couple, and their son Greg is a very decent young man. He is studying journalism at the moment, and he has travelled and taught in China, so he has some understanding and appreciation for what we are doing (as opposed to most people who think that we are more than a little strange for livng and working out of Kuala Lumpur).


Dinner was barbequed steak and potato salad, two things that we cannot get in Asia and miss dearly. They were both exceptional, and we had a very fine evening getting to know people that have become important to Liz. In the morning we attended Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary where we heard a good sermon on Ecclesiastes about living and enjoying the life that God has given to you to enjoy. Certainly for Pam and I at the moment that is something that we clearly understand and subscribe to.

In the afternoon we drove downtown to see Liz’s new apartment and take a stroll through the park that borders the river. The park was alive with strollers and cyclists, joggers and lovers, and nobody made strange as I practised my Tai Chi by the river. I was impressed with how multicultural this city has become since I saw it last. I saw and heard a dozen different nationalities and languages, and given that we enjoy the mix of cultures we find in Malaysia, felt very much at home. Calgary is growing to be a cosmopolitan city, and with its wide open spaces and nearness to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, become a desirable place to live.