Well it has been a long couple of days, but we are back in Canada, staying with two of our grown children in Calgary until Tuesday. Last night we went out to have a meal and watch the Penguins pull out a sqeaker against the Red Wings. Watching that cheap shot against Sidney Crosby made Pittsbug’s eventual victory all the sweeter. This has all the markings of an historic rivalry, as the Penguins lost the Cup last year to Detroit. I also lost by a sqeaker. losing the office pool to my buddy Dave St. Germain by one point. Next year, buddy!

It is so great being back in Canada again and wonderful to see Dave and Liz, who are both doing well and still working steady out here, despite an iffy economy. Hopefully with the oil prices on a rebound and things picking up again south of the border, they will be able to ride out this current financial storm and come out of it alright. Tomorrow we are hoping to do a little sightseeing and possibly get out to Banff if it is a nice day.

It is 3:30 here in Calgary at the moment, but that doesn’t mean a lot to my internal clock. We did manage about six hours sleep in Hong Kong and a few cat naps on the plane, but it has been 48 hours since we left for the airport in KL and my circadian rhythm doesn’t know what to think. We are just glad to be back in the true north strong and free and breathing some clean Canadian air. When we left KL the air pollution index was 139, on a scale where anything over 50 is starting to cause respiratory problems. When the sun is dull red disc in the sky through the pollution haze, it is time for a couple of weeks holiday.