Sitting in another airport, waiting for yet another flight and trying to come to grips with what I experienced over the past week. I wish that each of you could have the privilege of meeting these women and hearing them tell of the plight of the women of their countries. We had times when our hearts about broke when we heard of unbelievable abuse, poverty and rejection and times when we just rejoiced together in what God is doing through the ministry of Project Hannah and the faithfulness of these women.

To hear Marli speak with passion about the history of Project Hannah and her vision for the future was amazing and challenging.  With daily times of worship and prayer and time in the Word with her husband, Edmund, it was a great opportunity to draw closer to each other as a team.

We spent Saturday afternoon saying our goodbyes to each of the women as they left on various flights to return to their home countries.  On Sunday morning we attended the church where our dear friend Dr Boukab is the Pastor and Marli and Edmund were guest speakers.  To listen to the name of the Lord worshipped in the Thai language is like tasting a little bit of heaven and makes me look forward to a time when we will all understand each other and there will be no more suffering.

On our return to the hotel, I finally got to sit down with Marli and Ros, an Australian lady who has been involved in the script writing of Project Hannah for many years. We just sat in the lobby as it seemed a comfortable enough spot for our short meeting.  Four hours later we decided to take a half hour break to rest before supper when we could continue the discussion.  By ten we went to bed because our minds where overflowing with ideas and turning to mush.  The plan was to meet again at 9:00 in the morning but we were all ready to start again by 8:30. 

Once the cab driver put my suitcase in the trunk for the trip to the airport we had to reluctantly wrap it up but not without some really wonderful ideas and plans for the future of Project Hannah which I hope to be able to share with you over the new few weeks and months. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord certainly blessed my way this past week.