You have come a long way in those 60 years and it has been such a joy and privilege to spend more than half of them with you. 

Thank you for the joy that we shared on our wedding day as we began this journey together.  Raising our three amazing children was absolutely delightful, and at times totally frightening, but we did it together and always had God to lead us. We rebuilt cars and renovated old houses and ventured to far away places and I have loved our life together. 

In so many ways, it feels like now is the opportunity to reap the benefit of many years of hard work and commitment to each other even through some difficult times.  I am so happy to be here in Malaysia with you, seeing the impact that you continue to have on the lives of the students that you teach.  Never one to take the easy way out, you are still using the gifts that God has blessed you with, to the fullest and I honour you for that.  I love you and look forward to seeing where God will take us in the adolescence of our old age.