025We have seen a lot of countries in our lives. Somewhere up around forty by now, we think. And in all those countries we have seen many more cities. Some, like Paris and London are justifiably famous. Others like Orvieto and Colmar are underappreciated jewels. But we go to Singapore every chance we get for its cleanliness, modern architectural beauty and comfortable colonial charm, which it wisely preserves and enhances.

Pam had a conference, which she will blog about later, and Steve has a birthday coming up, which he undoubtedly – in his typically humble way – will crow about later. Both had a wish to enjoy a meal atop Swiss Hotel’s Stamford Towers on the 72nd floor overlooking Singapore Harbour. The meal was wonderful, the view even better, but each other’s company on a road that has taken us to so many of the world’s most beautiful places, was the most enjoyable thing of all for both of us. Surely God is good to those who have learned to let Him lead them along this road called life.