On Tuesday I conducted a seminar on blogging where I work and I learned some things about what I do on this site. I learned that in the last two years I have developed some expertise in this medium; what it does well, what it can’t do, and now feel reasonably comfortable at sharing that information with others.

I learned that what I take for granted – blogging two or three times a week, checking for comments twice a day so that those who drop by aren’t offended by waiting – strikes others as impossibly demanding. I don’t see it so. I find it relaxing and enjoyable, an opportunity for me to develop the craft of writing, which I now teach for a living, and a goad to keep me in touch with family and friends and what is happening in the world.

Pam has recently come across some software that will allow us to slurp (yes, that is the technical term) our past two years of web logs and download them into a book format that we can print and keep in hard copy. That sounds to me incredibly rewarding and I am hoping that we can get some of that done before we head home for the summer.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by how much I like the medium. Writing has always been a joy for me. Translating this craft to cyberspace was a little daunting at first, but with a modicum of decorum, even one as outspoken as I can find a voice that is not too offensive. Recently I have had to take down a couple of posts and a picture that others found over the top, and I apologize for that. I do try to find a relatively neutral niche between what is personal and what is public, but no one is perfect, and if you are one of those I have offended, please forgive. And keep reading.